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Automotive interior non-woven fabric, also called spunlace non-woven fabric, also called "jet spray net into cloth". The concept of "jet net into cloth" is mainly derived from the mechanical acupuncture technology. The so-called "jet net" is the use of high-pressure water system into the fiber network, so that the fiber can be wound between each other, so that the original loose fiber network has a certain strength and complete structure. The process design process is: fiber metering mixing-opening and removing impurities-mechanical management messy carding into a web-pre-wetting of the web-water needle entanglement-surface information processing-drying-coiling-inspection-packaging materials into storage. The jet net spraying device uses the high-pressure water flow with high-speed development of economy to spray the fiber net, so that the fiber cells in the fiber net are rearranged and intertwined to become a non-woven fabric with a relatively complete structure and certain strong effect and other properties. The physical safety performance of this spunlace non-woven fabric is different from other common needle-punched non-woven fabrics, and it has good performance in terms of hand feeling and performance analysis.


the superiority of spunlace method:

There is no extrusion of the fiber web in the spunlace process, thus increasing the bulkiness of the product; no adhesive or resin is used, thus maintaining the inherent flexibility of the fiber web; the high integrity of the product avoids the fluffy phenomenon of the product; the fiber web has high mechanical strength, reaching 80% to 90% of the textile strength. The fiber web can be mixed with any variety of fibers to make composite products.

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