Brief Introduction of Non-woven Fabric for Automobile Interior


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Non-woven fabric is a new generation of environmentally friendly building materials. It has the characteristics of flexibility, light weight, moisture-proof, breathable, non-combustion, prone to decomposition, non-toxic and non-irritating, low cost, and recyclable,Automotive interior non-woven fabricIt is also widely used in automobiles, and the gradual development can no longer replace the previous automotive interiors, sound insulation cotton and other raw materials of many different materials.

Automotive interior non-woven fabricApplications are increasingly widespread, from cockpit filters and seat trunk linings, insulation mats and carpet fiber filters, which play an important role in the automotive market.


automotive interior nonwoven manufacturing principle:

1It refers to the cloth made by winding the fibers together with many barbed needles or making them partially adhesive together without weaving.

2At the beginning of the 20th century, people invented the manufacturing principle of non-woven fabrics. In 1939 a company in the United States and in 1944 a company in Europe and Germany began to produce non-woven fabrics.

3, Automotive interior non-woven fabrics are also widely used to replace rubber products as reinforcing materials for rubber plate frames, steel ring sheaths made of rubber, automobile steering ring connecting rings, sealing strips, modified rubber compounds in fenders and patches, And in the floor; it can improve the strength, wear resistance, flexibility of parts, and extend the service life.

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