GRS felt manufacturing process: a comprehensive analysis of non-woven manufacturing process


GRS felt is a common non-woven product with a wide range of applications. In this article, we will delve into the manufacturing process of GRS felt to better understand the characteristics and advantages of this material.

Non-woven fabric is a kind of textile material made of fibers combined with each other by physical or chemical methods. As a non-woven product, the manufacturing process of GRS felt is relatively complicated and requires multiple steps to complete. First of all, the choice of raw materials is very important. Commonly used raw materials include polyester fiber, nylon fiber and polypropylene fiber. The selection of high quality raw materials is essential for the manufacture of high quality GRS felt.

Next is the process of pretreatment, this step is mainly to process the raw materials to ensure that they have good spinnability and binding. One of the key processing methods is hot rolling, by heating the raw materials and pressing them, the fibers can be bonded together more firmly.

Then there is the step of fiber bonding, which is one of the key processes in the manufacture of GRS felt. Two methods are commonly used to achieve fiber bonding: thermal bonding and needle punching. Thermal bonding is the fusion of fibers with each other by heating and pressing to form a solid whole. Needling, on the other hand, is the interweaving of fibers through mechanical needling to form a net-like structure. Both methods can effectively improve the strength and durability of GRS felt.

Finally, after finishing and processing, GRS felt can get the required shape and size. This includes process steps such as cutting, winding and pressing. Through these steps, a variety of different forms of GRS felt products can be manufactured to meet the needs of different industries and applications.

To summarize, the manufacturing process of GRS felt involves multiple steps such as raw material selection, pretreatment, fiber bonding and finishing processing. Through a reasonable process, high-quality GRS felt can be manufactured with excellent performance and wide application prospects.


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