GRS felt, environmentally friendly wear-resistant multi-purpose


Environmental protection. GRS felt is made of recycled materials, which not only reduces environmental pollution, but also achieves sustainable development through resource reuse. Wear resistant. Thick texture, soft, delicate surface. It is durable and can be used for a long time. Multi-purpose. It has a wide range of uses and can be used to make insoles, handbags, mouse pads, interiors, etc. It is not only beautiful, but also protective.


The advantages of GRS felt, but the reason I chose it is not only these. It is a trustworthy material. It is so sturdy and durable, and owning it makes me full of confidence and expectation for all kinds of possibilities in the future.

GRS felt is an environmentally friendly material made from waste fibers. This is a global recycling standard. GRS certified felts meet global recycling standards in terms of environmental protection, energy use, and social responsibility. Suitable for home improvement, automotive interior and other fields, with good moisture, sound insulation, sound absorption performance. The production process can be roughly divided into several steps: waste fiber cleaning, scattering, opening, mixing, molding, pressurizing, drying, winding, etc. The whole process does not add any chemicals, in line with environmental requirements. Energy utilization, compliance with global recycling standards, moisture-proof, sound insulation, sound absorption, etc.; the disadvantage is that the temperature conduction under the same thickness is relatively poor, and the puncture is relatively poor.

GRS felt is suitable for environmental protection, energy saving, sound insulation, sound absorption, moisture-proof, heat preservation, cushioning and other purposes in various fields, such as automotive interiors, household goods, insoles, industrial products, etc. With the strengthening of environmental awareness, the market prospects are very broad. The use of space in the fields of automobiles, homes, and industries is very large, and it meets people's needs for environmental protection, health, and cost-effectiveness. The production technology is still developing, and more new products with more practical value may be developed in the future. In addition, in the application field, there are many market segments to be explored and deeply cultivated. Its production and application have great advantages and market potential, and there will be more extensive applications and faster development space.

GRS felt is an environmentally friendly material made of recycled fibers. The production method is as follows:

Collect raw materials of regenerated fiber at home and abroad, and conduct fine screening and classification;

high-temperature disinfection of raw materials and addition of specially formulated compounds to form wet felt;

Put the wet felt on the roller or wet press to pressurize and dry to form a dry felt with uniform thickness;

The dry felt is internally compressed to make it more dense and compact and improve quality.

GRS felt has high tensile strength and wear resistance, and can be used in the following occasions:

As a sealing gasket for mechanical equipment, it can reduce vibration and noise and improve sealing performance;

The interior of vehicles such as trains can reduce vehicle noise and vibration and improve ride comfort;

Protective pads for pipelines, bridges and other facilities can prevent external impact and vibration from affecting the stability of the facility;

Filter materials, etc.

In short, GRS felt has a wide range of application prospects, can replace traditional synthetic materials, and has better environmental protection and sustainability.



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