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GRS felt is an environmentally friendly industry. The raw materials for felt production come from recycled fibers, and it also has anti-static, waterproof, fireproof, sound-absorbing and other functions. Compared with the traditional felt, it has the advantages of recycling and sustainable development, and can also meet more environmental protection needs, so it has been widely favored by the market.


The main raw material of GRS felt is recycled fiber, which is woven through warp and weft threads. This kind of felt has high stability and mechanical strength, and is easy to process and reuse, and has a wide range of applications in the environmental protection industry. It has a wide range of uses, among which the use in the field of automotive interiors is more prominent. Multi-functional advantages, not only can play a decorative role, but also has the role of waterproof, heat preservation and sound absorption. In the field of construction also has a wide range of applications. It can not only be used as a material for sound insulation, heat insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction, but also can be used to make roof waterproofing and water treatment materials. It can also be used in the renovation and renovation of ancient buildings. In the shoe industry is also more and more widely used. It has good wrapping and support for the feet, and is a natural and healthy shoe material. Compared with chemical fiber materials, it is more environmentally friendly, safer, and meets the environmental requirements of the market.

GRS felt industry is undoubtedly a new industry. It has good environmental protection advantages in many aspects such as manufacturing, use and recycling. With the popularity of the concept of environmental protection, it will better meet the needs of the market, but also in the development of the industry to find more opportunities. It is not only an environmentally friendly industry, its materials and characteristics make it widely used in many industries. In the future, it will become one of the more important industries.

GRS Felt is an environmentally friendly industrial felt made from recycled fiber materials that meet global recycling standards. The main features are environmental protection, strong plasticity, wear-resistant materials, and certain sound absorption and sound insulation functions. Due to these characteristics, the application field is very wide. It can be used in automotive interiors, electrical appliances and furniture to reduce noise and improve ride comfort.

In the field of automobile manufacturing, GRS felt can be used as a floor felt for automobiles, a door liner, a dashboard cover, etc. Because it can absorb noise and vibration, thereby helping to improve the ride experience in the car. It can also be used for car seat fillers. These fillers have better environmental performance than traditional fillers and can reduce the impact on the environment.

In addition, it is also widely used in the field of electrical appliance manufacturing. For example, in the manufacture of washing machines, it can be used to reduce machine noise, adjust bearings and reduce vibration. In the field of furniture manufacturing, GRS felt is used as the bottom filling of carpets and wallpaper, thereby reducing noise, keeping warm and improving the comfort of riding or stepping.

In short, the application field of GRS felt is very wide. Because of its superior environmental performance, it can not only be recognized by the industry, but also create more valuable products for enterprises, and make a certain contribution to the solution of global problems such as desertification and environmental pollution.



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