Characteristics and Application of GRS Felt


GRS felt is an emerging environmental protection material in recent years, which is produced from recyclable materials such as waste clothing. Compared with the traditional natural felt, it not only has the same insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption and other characteristics, but also has more excellent environmental performance. So, whether it can replace the traditional natural felt?


The production process of GRS felt mainly includes: collection, screening, cutting, opening, mixing, alcohol dust removal, blending, pressure molding, shaping, trimming and other links. The entire production process uses automated production lines with high production efficiency and low output costs. At present, it has been widely used in automobile interior decoration, building sound insulation, packaging filling, office furniture and other fields. Since there is no supply limitation of natural felt such as wool, the output will be more stable and can be adapted to a wider range of use areas.

GRS felt compared to traditional felt, has the following advantages:

Good environmental protection, reduce waste generation, high production capacity, low cost, high production efficiency, universal applicability, no supply restrictions, with the deepening of the concept of environmental protection, it will become one of the more important supply materials. In the future, it will continue to expand its application areas and continuously improve its performance, such as making greater improvements in heat preservation, wear resistance, and easy cleaning.

In the field of automotive interiors, GRS felt can replace natural felt and be used in foot pads, trunk mats, doors and other parts, effectively improving the environmental performance of the car interior. In addition, it also has the advantages of easy cleaning and non-slip, and also has a good performance in user operation experience. In general, as a new type of environmentally friendly material, its application prospects are very broad. Although it can not completely replace the traditional natural felt, but with the continuous improvement of technology, its performance will continue to break through, the scope of application will be more and more extensive.

GRS Felt is an environmentally friendly felt certified by the Global Recycling Standards Association to meet global environmental requirements. It is characterized by the use of recycled fiber as raw materials, no added chemicals, to achieve the standard of environmental protection. It can be made into various shapes and sizes, and is used in many fields such as household, car, leather goods, packaging, industry, etc. Can replace the traditional plastic materials, to achieve higher environmental requirements. The cost is relatively low, and the service life is long, and it will not be damaged or deformed. With the popularity of the concept of environmental protection, the use of GRS felt enterprises and individuals will be more and more.

In short, the environmental protection, diversified applications and economy of GRS felt make it a representative of the future green materials. We should support and adopt this material and work together to build a greener future.



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