GRS felt to add a new choice of home space texture


Living in this modern world, the design and decoration of home space is an important topic. How to create a unique and comfortable atmosphere in home space is also a problem worth thinking about. As a new type of material that can be used to decorate the home space, GRS felt plays a very important role here.


GRS felt is a kind of felt made of shrubs, its surface is delicate and soft, has a strong sound absorption and noise reduction effect, can effectively suppress indoor noise. In addition, one of its characteristics is that it has good thermal insulation performance, which can effectively improve the insulation effect of the home space, so that family members can have a warm and comfortable space. Another feature of felt is that it can add to the texture of the home space. Its delicate and soft touch makes family members feel gentle when touching it. Its color is diverse, and it can also combine different home decoration styles to create a unique home atmosphere.

The advantage of GRS felt is that it can effectively suppress indoor noise, improve the insulation effect of the home space, and can also add the texture of the home space, so that the family has a feeling of being gently surrounded. It has a wide range of uses, not only for home decoration, but also for the decoration of public spaces, such as offices, hotels and other spaces. Its appearance provides a new choice for the design and decoration of the home space, making the home space more comfortable and more beautiful.

GRS felt is a new type of felt products. It is made of excellent environmental protection materials, has strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance, has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, fire prevention, waterproof, mildew resistance, etc., and can be used for a long time. It has excellent moisture resistance and slip resistance, can effectively protect the ground, save maintenance costs, and is a good product of green environmental protection.

Unpack and place the felt on a clean ground; polish the corners and center of the felt with a polishing abrasive to make it smooth and look more beautiful; polish the felt surface with a polishing abrasive to make the surface smoother and more resistant to corrosion; place the felt on the ground to be protected and fix the felt with nails to ensure that the felt is firm and immobile. After installation, wipe the surface with a soft cloth, make it glossy and improve its appearance.

Before using GRS felt, the quality of the felt should be checked to ensure that the felt is strong and durable. The four corners of the felt should be firmly installed to prevent deformation. The safety of the felt and the cleanliness of the surface should be checked regularly to avoid the felt being damaged. The surface of the felt should not be stained with water and should be wiped with dry cloth in time to prevent corrosion of the felt.

In short, GRS felt is an excellent felt products, it has anti-corrosion, fire, waterproof, mildew and other characteristics. The correct operation steps and precautions can effectively protect the felt, reduce the possibility of damage to the felt during use, and keep the felt shiny for a long time, so as to effectively protect the ground, save maintenance costs, and achieve the purpose of green environmental protection.



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