How GRS Felt Improves Indoor Air and Effectively Resists Indoor Pollution


GRS felt is an adsorption material made of natural raw materials, which can effectively resist indoor pollution. First of all, it has a unique porous structure, which can absorb harmful substances in the air, including formaldehyde, benzene, etc., effectively improving indoor air quality. Secondly, it can also effectively adsorb solid particles and eliminate harmful substances such as indoor dust and smoke, thereby helping to improve indoor air quality.


GRS felt can also effectively reduce indoor humidity, effectively absorb moisture, reduce indoor humidity, and reduce indoor humidity, thereby improving indoor air quality. The advantages are more than that. It can be durable, has excellent wear resistance, can maintain its adsorption effect for a long time, and has good flame retardancy, which can effectively prevent fire, so it is safe and reliable. It also has a very strong air permeability, which can effectively pass indoor gas, reduce indoor sediment, and ensure that the indoor air is fresh, comfortable and fresh.

The excellent performance of GRS felt makes it an ideal material to improve indoor air. It can not only effectively absorb harmful substances, but also maintain the freshness of indoor air, thereby effectively improving indoor air quality. Its appearance undoubtedly provides an ideal choice for indoor air improvement, allowing you to enjoy more fresh and comfortable air at home and experience the fun and convenience of indoor life. Widely used building materials, it has obvious advantages in the construction industry, it is worth recommending to more construction personnel.

GRS felt is a high-quality insulation material with good thermal insulation properties, which can effectively reduce the energy consumption of buildings, thereby saving a lot of energy costs. At the same time, the felt has good moisture resistance, which can effectively prevent the humidity inside the room, ensure the stability of the indoor temperature and humidity, and protect the furniture and indoor items from the humid environment. In addition, it has good insulation performance, which can effectively absorb the noise inside the room and protect the indoor environment.

GRS felt can be used for the insulation of building exterior walls, which can effectively reduce the energy consumption of buildings and improve the thermal insulation performance of buildings. It can also be used for insulation and heat preservation of the indoor wall surface, which can effectively inhibit the increase of indoor temperature, protect the quiet indoor environment, and effectively prevent indoor humidity. Can also be used for indoor floor insulation, can effectively reduce the indoor temperature, protect indoor items from moisture, but also can suppress indoor noise.

In general, GRS felt has obvious advantages in the construction industry, which can effectively reduce the energy consumption of buildings, improve the thermal insulation performance of buildings, protect the indoor environment, and protect furniture and indoor items from the humid environment. Therefore, it is recommended that more construction personnel use GRS felt, which can effectively improve the indoor environment and save a lot of energy expenses.


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