GRS felt: durable and soft, practical and stylish


GRS felt is a carefully designed fiber felt, which is both durable and soft, practical and stylish. It is made of environmentally friendly polypropylene fiber, which is very suitable for making felt decorations because it has the characteristics of water resistance, abrasion resistance, stain resistance, aging resistance and corrosion resistance.


1. Strong and durable

GRS felt is a strong and durable felt, which is made of high-strength environmentally friendly polypropylene fiber, with good water resistance, abrasion resistance and stain resistance, so that it can maintain its appearance and performance during long-term use. GRS felt also has the characteristics of anti-aging and anti-corrosion, can resist high temperature and humid environment, not easy to deformation, not easy to damage.

2. Soft and comfortable

GRS felt is not only strong and durable, but also soft and comfortable. Its surface texture is soft, will not wrinkle during use, can provide a good touch, and users will feel very comfortable.

3. Fashion and exquisite

The rich color of GRS felt can meet different customer needs. It can be customized according to the needs of customers, and can make beautiful and exquisite felt decorations, adding a fashionable feeling.

4. Affordable

The price of GRS felt is relatively affordable. Its price is much lower than other types of felt, and it can reach high standards in terms of quality and performance. It is a very cost-effective choice.

5. Environmental protection and safety

GRS felt is an environmentally friendly felt, which is made of environmentally friendly polypropylene fiber, which meets environmental protection standards and will not cause environmental pollution. It does not contain harmful substances, will not cause harm to the human body, and is extremely safe. It is a very trustworthy product.

In short, GRS felt is a durable and soft fiber felt, both practical and stylish, with water resistance, wear resistance, anti-fouling, anti-aging and anti-corrosion characteristics, the price is relatively affordable, is a safe and economical choice of felt.


GRS felt is a kind of composite material made of mixed cotton and polyester fiber, which is used to make blankets, cotton clothes, household goods, etc. It has the advantages of softness, warmth and durability, and is a material often used in daily life.

1. Features of GRS felt

GRS felt has the characteristics of light, soft and warm, which can keep warm and make people comfortable. In addition, GRS felt is also durable and can be used for a long time. Over time, it will be softer and waxy.

2. The production process of GRS felt

GRS felt is a composite material, which is made of mixed cotton and polyester fibers. In the production process, the cotton and polyester fibers are first mixed and stirred, and then the mixture is stretched and compressed, and then baked into blankets.

3. The use of GRS felt

GRS felt can be used to make blankets, cotton-padded jacket, household goods, etc., its texture is soft, warm performance is strong, can provide a warm feeling, can also be used to make plush toys, let children play more safe and comfortable.

4. Nursing methods of GRS felt

The maintenance of GRS felt is relatively simple. Try to wash it by hand or at low temperature. It cannot be washed with hot water or bleached. After washing, it should be dried at low temperature with a drying machine to avoid exposure to the sun, so as not to damage the surface and lose its soft texture.

5. Price of GRS felt

The price of GRS felt is determined by factors such as material and thickness. Under normal circumstances, the price is more expensive than ordinary blankets, but because of its soft texture, good thermal performance, and strong durability, it is cost-effective and worth investing in.

In short, GRS felt is a soft, warm and durable material used to make blankets, cotton-padded clothes, household goods, etc. It is very cost-effective and very suitable for daily use at home.


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