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What is the purpose of GRS felt? Let's find out.

1. appliances. 1. Recording, film machine series-anti-vibration (dust), insulation, clean. 2. Computer, camera-anti-vibration (dust), insulation, electromagnetic wave prevention. 3. Fax, telephone-anti-vibration, electromagnetic wave prevention, heat. 4. Microwave oven dryer, heat insulation electromagnetic wave protection. 5, air conditioning-sound insulation, anti-vibration, dew knot prevention, filtration, dust.

2. general industrial machinery. 1. All kinds of industrial machinery-anti-vibration, oil lubrication, friction. 2. Various motor series-anti-vibration, oil lubrication, wear resistance. 3. Very fine wire processing-copper wire insulation coating. 4. Dust-proof gas mask-filter and dust-proof. 5. Refrigerated food freezing technology machine-heat preservation, heat insulation, dew knot prevention. 6. Semiconductor, glass, metal grinding.

3. car. 1. Engine Department-heat breaking, sound blocking and heat resistance. 2. Each oil filter device-filtering and oil-containing. 3. Other main parts transportation-heat-resistant, dustproof, filtering, oil-containing.

4. sports equipment, musical instruments. 1. Piano, percussion instruments-percussion, dustproof, other gaskets. 2. E-learning musical instruments-anti-vibration, dustproof, insulation, other various gaskets. 3. Sports equipment-pads to prevent sports injuries. 4. Medical equipment, rehabilitation equipment pad.

5. cultural goods. 1. Printing desk, oil storage, oil storage. 2. Black/whiteboard friction soft, no scratches black/whiteboard.

What are the different places where GRS felt can be used? Let's take a look.

GRS felt can be applied in industrial development and construction, and can be used as shockproof, polishing, heat preservation, sealing and other functions. Industrial felts are made with good bonding properties and are not easy to manage loose characteristics. Industrial wool felt has good thermal insulation performance, can be used as a thermal insulation material, industrial felt elastic can also be used as a sealing technology applications, industrial felt can also be processed into punching into a variety of product shape parts, can be used in different industries to develop different requirements. GRS felt is characterized by the development of close organization, small pores, and in the manufacture, the thickness is not as easy to be limited as the cross fabric, can be used as a good filter technology material, good wear resistance, can be used as a polishing material.

What products can GRS felt do? Let's take a look.

Due to the compact density and stable performance of GRS felt, various felt parts can be produced by stamping. The felt has good stretching and shrinkage and can reach the specified length. It can be used for leather roller belts and pulp absorption belts. The felt has good thermal insulation and can be made into felt insoles of specifications. The felt has moisture retention and elasticity. It can be made into automobile door and window sealing strips and central door and window sealing strips. It does not use warp yarns and filters and can be used for oil absorption, most of the ship's oil drums use GRS linoleum to keep the ship clean. The machine parts are packed with felt, which has high whiteness, good shockproof performance, and can also muffle the sound. The sound rate of the musical instrument can be modulated according to the size of the felt.



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