Introduction to the development of GRS felt, come and collect!


 GRS Felt, A common industrial tool, mostly made of wool, but also made of cow hair or fiber, through processing and bonding, mainly manifested as elasticity, can be used as shockproof, sealing, cushioning and elastic steel wire clothing bottom felt The material is used in various industrial machinery-anti-vibration, oil lubrication, friction resistance and other industries. GRS felt is made of wool and bonded through processing (non-woven warp and weft). So do you know the development process of GRS felt? Here to introduce.

"There is a roof and a central shrug, no corners, four circles, a wide bypass door, and a warm interior." Baixiangshan Poetry Collection "and" Green felt tent "were felt products produced by the working people of our country thousands of years ago. According to records such as" Zhou Li "and" Shuowen Jiezi ", Zhou Guan was in charge of leather making felt. In the Han Dynasty, felt making technology was further developed, wang Zhaojun married Xiongnu Shan Yu. He once talked about using felt as a tent there. In the lyrics of" Hu Ji 18 Pai "written by Cai Yan at the end of the Han Dynasty, there is a sentence" felt hair is a petticoat ". After liberation, Nuoyin Wula in Inner Mongolia unearthed felt pieces of Han Dynasty in China.

After the felting technology of GRS felt was introduced to the Central Plains, combined with the local embroidery technology, the application range of felting was further expanded. The felt used for tents was called tent felt, the felt laid on the bed was called elastic felt, the felt made of thin and soft clothes was called petticoat felt, and the thin felt decorated with beautiful Chinese patterns was called Chinese felt, which was said to be "light and dancing", in theory, Qiang girls use it to make holiday costumes. Academically, a book written by Wei Jia Sixie gives a detailed introduction and summary of shearing methods and felting techniques, arguing that "spring hair and autumn hair are used in half, autumn hair is tight and strong, spring hair is weak, and single use is too biased and must be mixed."

Like the Tang and Five Dynasties, China also had special GRS felt workshops. The Yuan Dynasty felt workshops were larger in scale, with some workshops reaching more than 20,000 households. At that time, felt products mainly included inner felt, Chinese flower lining, tent felt, yurt, felt boots, etc. In the feudal society and the semi-feudal and semi-colonial old China, the production methods, equipment and technology of felt production were very backward. At first, Mao Kaisong used bow bullets, and felt was made by punching and stamping. Before liberation, there were several felt hat workshops and several equipment in Shanghai, Tianjin and other places, but they were very backward. All industrial GRS felt were imported.

After liberation, the vast number of workers in the GRS felt industry reformed their technology and manufacturing equipment, so that the felt products that used to rely on imports can now be produced in large quantities, with a substantial increase in output, a steady improvement in quality and an increasing number of varieties. Especially with the rapid development of China's wool textile industry and the research on wool fiber materials, the development of the felt industry has been promoted. At present, China not only produces all industrial felt, but also produces more complex special felt. According to statistics, China can produce more than 3000 kinds of felt products, which have made certain contributions to the development of China's aerospace, national defense industry, machinery manufacturing, petrochemical industry, transportation, electronics, machinery and electronics, medicine and health, textile industry, as well as to socialist construction.



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