The characteristics of GRS felt?


The emergence and development of any industry is inseparable from the progress of science and technology, which is also the promotion of the industry caused by the continuous expansion of market demand, and promotes the continuous upgrading of products by relevant personnel. Then in this article, we will explain in detail the characteristics of GRS felt, so that it will be clear at a glance when enterprises use it, and more clearly know what to pay attention to when using it?

  GRS FeltMade of wool, bonded by processing (non-warp and weft weaving). Its main features are: elastic, can be used as shockproof, sealing, gasket and elastic steel wire needle cloth based felt material. Good adhesion, not easy to loosen, can be die-cut into various shapes of parts. GRS felt has good thermal insulation properties and can be used as a thermal insulation material. It has compact structure and small pores, which is a good filter material. Felt density is small, stable performance. It can press and produce all kinds of felt parts. It has good wear resistance and can be used as a polishing material. GRS felt is elastic and therefore bonded by the felting principle. Depending on the density and specifications, shrunk and bonded flannel can be used separately. And it has good tensile properties and can reach the specified length. Can be used for leather calendering belt and paper suction belt. At the same time, it also has good warmth retention and can be made into standard felt insoles. GRS felt has moisture absorption and elasticity, and can be made into automobile door and window sealing strips and central door and window sealing strips. It is not a fabric, so it has good filterability and can be used to absorb oil. Of course, GRS felt is mainly used under the oil drum of the ship to keep the ship clean. The machine parts packaged with it have high whiteness, good impact resistance and noise reduction.

There are many factors that affect the elasticity of GRS felt, mainly the elasticity of GRS felt is determined by the density of the felt. If the density is too high, the elasticity will become smaller; conversely, if the density is too low, the toughness and resilience will be lost. Such as other thickness, wool thickness and quality. All of these will affect various performances, and users can make appropriate choices according to the requirements of use.

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