GRS Felt: What are the daily maintenance and purchase precautions for felt?


  GRS FeltThe manufacturer said: During the production process of the felt, some impurities will appear, which will adversely affect the production process of the felt and the quality of the future products, and cause the card to be filled with the card cloth and affect the carding. Carbonization of loose wool is an effective chemical weed control method. It can not only remove plant impurities in wool, but also improve the shrinkage of wool fiber. Therefore, we should also pay attention when using. Because it is made of fiber, it is easily damp and moldy, and even eaten by insects. This requires us to pay attention to moisture-proof and insect-proof treatment when using it to ensure its use. Today, GRS felt manufacturers introduce the daily maintenance and purchase precautions of felt:

1. GRS Felt Manufacturers: Daily Maintenance of Felt

1. Due to friction, there are fur balls on the surface, which can be cut directly with small scissors without affecting the appearance of the felt fabric.

2. Always use a soft brush to remove surface dust to maintain the bright color and appearance of the felt fabric.

Let the wool fabric rest from time to time so that the wool fiber can breathe and restore its natural characteristics.

4. Wool fiber has natural stain resistance, but if it is accidentally contaminated by dirt, please deal with it as soon as possible to avoid leaving traces. Do not use warm water or bleach to clean stains on wool products; if you need to rub, please rub gently to avoid damage to the fiber quality.

5. Completely dry and seal after cleaning.

Wool felt and other similar animal hair fabrics have similar cleaning methods. Animal hair is an animal protein fiber that shrinks easily, so it is generally recommended to hand it over to a professional laundry for dry cleaning. When the wool fabric is dirty, wash it immediately to avoid leaving traces. The longer the stain stays on it, the less likely it will be washed off. After a long time, the stain will penetrate into the fiber and inevitably rub hard during the cleaning process, which can easily cause damage to the clothes.

2. felt has good warmth, so many people who need it will buy it near winter. However, there are many felt manufacturers on the market, but they are different and uneven in quality and price. Therefore, many people do not know how to buy when buying. Therefore, GRS felt manufacturer: will share with you how to buy felt.

1. We must pay attention to the specifications of the felt, because the length, thickness and width of the felt of different specifications are different, so we have to choose according to our own needs.

2. The density of felt with different thickness is also different. If used for polishing, you can choose a higher density felt. If it is for general use, you can choose a lower density felt.

The quality of the felt also has a certain relationship with the color of the felt. Good felt is made of good materials, so its color is relatively bright.

Felt is being welcomed by more and more people. Especially in winter, the heat preservation of plastic shed and the maintenance of roadside play an important role and have been widely used. However, many people do not know that it has many impurities. When producing this product, one of the indicators to pay attention to is the purification rate of the felt.



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