Non-woven wallpaper paving steps, do so during construction inspection!


Non-woven wallpaper is a popular and environmentally friendly wall decoration material on the market now, but at present it is imported more, and the production process is more complicated, and the price is relatively high. If you choose non-woven wallpaper to decorate the wall when doing home decoration, it is recommended that owners make this budget!

Even if you don't do your own non-woven wallpaper paving, you have to understand these installation steps, so that you can easily check during construction.

Non-woven wallpaper paving 1. wallpaper cutting

Arrange the wallpaper according to the serial number of the wallpaper, measure the height of the wall, reserve 5cm for cutting the wallpaper according to the height of the wall, and remember to cut one roll of wallpaper at a time to prevent quality problems.

Non-woven wallpaper paving 2. wall treatment

The wall surface is required to be smooth, clean, dry, uniform in color, and should be free of voids, convex and concave unequal defects. The wall surface should be brushed with base film (or varnish) before construction.

Non-woven wallpaper paving 3. brush wallpaper glue

The glue for pasting non-woven wallpaper must be evenly brushed on the wall with a thickness of 2mm. Never brush the glue directly on the back of the non-woven fabric, let alone wet paste with water. Non-woven fabrics are different from other wallpapers and should be thicker and thicker than other wallpapers to reduce their fluidity.

Non-woven Wallpaper Paving 4. Sticking Wallpaper

Post the non-woven wallpaper in the order of prior comparison.

Non-woven wallpaper paving 5. construction wallpaper cutting

It is necessary to cut the edge. The specific method is to cut the edge during construction. The amount of the edge depends on the pattern, which is about 3cm. The plain non-woven fabric is constructed by positive and negative pasting. After the pattern is aligned, the pattern is pressed with a ruler at the overlap and cut. Cut at the positive corner as much as possible to avoid cutting at the positive corner so as not to cause the wallpaper at the positive corner to become warped, there should be no burrs, and at the same time pay attention to the strength of the knife. It is necessary to ensure a cut and a clean cut, but it should not excessively hurt the surface of the wall.

Non-woven wallpaper paving 6. wallpaper stickers after cleaning

If there is dust on the surface after construction, a short brush or duster should be applied, and the pollution should not be wiped with a wet towel.

Do not use hard scraper or nylon brush after wallpaper is on the wall. Soft brush should be used to scrape from top to bottom to smooth the surface of non-woven fabric to remove bubbles and wrinkles. Pay attention to the cleaning problem after wallpaper is pasted!

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