How to extend the life of felt


Factory productionGRS FeltIn order to extend the use time, every environment should pay attention to, master the correct method is important.

First of all, regularly use a soft brush to gently brush its surface to remove the dust on the surface. Don't use too much force, because this will cause certain damage to its appearance. Then it is necessary to remove the stains adsorbed on the GRS felt in time, and use different decontamination methods according to different stains. Otherwise, improper use of cleaning methods will reduce its use time. Store should be placed in a place with good air permeability, and take corresponding anti-moth measures. If pilling, trim with scissors.

To extend the service life of GRS felt, it is necessary to protect all aspects of production, use, and storage to improve material quality.

GRS felt is nothing more than the warmth we use in our greenhouses. As for the products commonly used in daily life, there are actually many uses. According to the raw materials and processing technology of GRS felt manufacturers, there are different uses.

The first is shockproof insulation. Due to its compact structure, it is not easy to be torn off, and it has a certain thickness, so the shockproof ability is very good. The sealing of oil, dust and lubricating oil, also because of this closed structure, can form an airtight closed environment. As well as to filter, absorb and vacuum the air, oil and liquid of the steering column brush that lubricates the water absorption piece, and can also be used to manufacture carpets, shop windows, notice boards, exhibition boards, partition walls, trophies and statue bases.

There are so many uses for GRS felt, but we should pay attention when choosing, the quality of products provided by many manufacturers on the market is different. We have to buy qualified products from regular manufacturers, so as to give full play to its advantages.



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