GRS felt smell how to deal with how to clean


BecauseGRS FeltProducts low carbon environmental protection without pollution, now more and more daily necessities began to use GRS felt manufacturers GRS felt. However, some peculiar smell will appear after the felt is used for a period of time. How should it be solved? Let GRS felt manufacturer introduce it to you!

1. You can buy refrigerator deodorant from the supermarket. Fold the blanket and bring a large plastic bag. Put deodorant in the plastic bag and tie the bag tightly. In order to seal the bag, we can find a clamp to clamp the mouth of the plastic bag.

2. Newly bought sheepskin often has an unpleasant smell. Some people expose their fur to the sun or soak it in boiling water. Thus, the effect of removing the odor is minimal, and the life thereof is fragile. Spray alcohol evenly on the fur and leather board, sprinkle a small amount of yellow rice on the fur and gently beat or brush with a soft brush 1-2 times.

The GRS felt produced by the manufacturer is made of natural wool, so it is elastic, not easy to loosen, and has a wide range of uses. When we buy household goods, we can choose felt products.

Cleaning method of GRS felt.

1. Wash with cold water.

2. Felt products can not be bleached.

3. Choose a neutral detergent marked with pure wool and no bleach for cleaning.

4. Hand wash alone, do not use the washing machine, so as not to damage the appearance.

5. When cleaning, gently press with your hands and only gently rub the dirty part. Never brush them with a brush.

6. Washing with shampoo and moisturizing essence can reduce the appearance of pilling.

7. After cleaning, hang in a ventilated place and dry naturally. If drying is required, use low temperature drying.



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