GRS felt manufacturers introduce the use of felt


 GRS FeltManufacturers introduce the use of felt

1. Characteristics of felt

Felt is mostly made from natural wool, with a few products made from other animal hair. It is made by using the felting characteristics of wool without changing the physical properties of wool without interweaving warp and weft. Its main features are as follows.

1> It is elastic and can be used as a material for shockproof, sealing, cushioning and elastic steel wire clothing bottom felt.

2> Because of its good bonding performance, it is not easy to loosen, and it can be die-cut into parts of various shapes.

3> Good thermal insulation performance, can be used as thermal insulation material.

4> The structure is dense and the pores are small. In the manufacture, the thickness is not limited like the interwoven fabric, and it can be used as a good filter material.

5> Good wear resistance, can be used as polishing material.

2.GRS Felt Manufacturers Tell Questions to Pay Attention to in Selecting Felt

1> The unit volume weight (g/cm3) of the felt is too large to lose elasticity, and too small to lose wear resistance. thickness, the thickness of wool, etc. It has an impact on various performances, and users can choose appropriately according to the requirements of use. When buying, it is best to inform the use of the product first, so as not to affect the production and use.

2> At present, all kinds of felt are divided into special felt and general felt. Varieties are divided according to the thickness of raw materials, unit volume weight (I. e. density is tight and loose) and color. Technical requirements according to the strength, elongation, capillary action division, can be selected according to the need to use the unit. In the inspection process, the standard can be used for inspection.

3.GRS felt manufacturer introduces felt specifications and types

When ordering felt, you only need to put forward the product number you need according to the category naming number of the part standard, and put forward the specifications such as thickness, length and width. If you need to dye, at the same time put forward the color requirements.

1> Felt technology number consists of five digits, the first digit indicates the color of the product, the second digit indicates the classification of the material used, the third digit indicates the specification of the product variety, the fourth and fifth digits indicate the density of the product, "T" represents the special felt.

2> when ordering felt wheel and felt parts, only need to put forward the required product number according to the department standard category naming number, and provide the drawing data of the parts at the same time. In general, the allowable deviation of part size shall be implemented according to the ministerial standard.

3> If individual products have special requirements for a certain technical condition index in use, they can be put forward separately at the time of ordering, and the two parties can resolve it through negotiation.



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