GRS felt manufacturers introduce felt bags


  GRS FeltFelt manufacturers have waterproof, moisture-proof, warm, loose, buffer function. A bag made of felt material is a felt bag. Making all kinds of bags is not only fashionable but also practical. The characteristic of GRS felt is that it can be recycled and is very environmentally friendly. Wool has unique reducibility and elasticity, which makes wool products that are regularly properly maintained more durable than other natural and man-made fiber products. GRS felt manufacturer said that please follow the maintenance instructions on the commodity tag to maintain the wool felt fabric to ensure lasting appearance and new touch. Do not use warm water, hot water or bleach to clean stains on wool products. If you need to rub, please gently knead, so as not to damage the quality of fiber. If the surface has fur balls due to friction, it can be trimmed off with small scissors, which will not affect the appearance of the wool felt fabric. Please wash, dry thoroughly and seal when collecting. Use cold water when washing. Do not use chemical mixtures such as bleach for bleaching. Only use neutral detergents marked with pure wool and free of bleach. Try to wash by hand, do not use a washing machine, so as not to damage the appearance. When cleaning, gently press with your hands and only gently rub the dirty part. Never use a brush. The phenomenon of pilling can be reduced by washing with shampoo and silky essence. After cleaning, try to hang GRS felt products in a ventilated place and dry them naturally. If you need to dry, please use low temperature drying, high temperature will cause deformation and even scorch.

GRS felt manufacturers now felt handbags colorful, dazzling, attractive to the extreme. For many years, the establishment of local excellent brands in this form will enhance the status of China's textile industry in the world. The impact of more new brands will make China's textile industry feel the pressure. It is these pressures that have contributed to the further development of today's textile industry.



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