GRS Felt Manufacturers Tell About the Production Process of Colorful Wool Felt Bags


  GRS FeltThe manufacturer tells you that colored wool felt uses pigments to process wool and fiber materials into different colors.

GRS felt manufacturers tell you a lot of color wool felt finished products, industrial use. There are many daily necessities, handicrafts and so on on the market now. Among them, GRS felt bag is both fashionable and environmentally friendly.

GRS felt manufacturers tell you that bags made of GRS felt material are felt bags. The main material of the bag is mostly felt, decorated with metal, leather and other shapes. Felt is waterproof, warm, loose and cushioning. Making all kinds of bags is not only fashionable but also practical. The biggest feature of felt is that it can be recycled and is very environmentally friendly. Wool has unique reducibility and elasticity, which makes wool products that are regularly properly maintained more durable than other natural and man-made fiber products. GRS felt manufacturers tell you that please follow the maintenance instructions on the commodity tag to maintain the wool felt fabric to ensure lasting appearance and new touch. Always use a good soft brush to brush off surface dust to maintain the bright color and appearance of the wool felt fabric. Do not let the wool fabric have a regular rest, let the wool fiber have time to breathe, restore the natural characteristics. Wool has a natural stain resistance, but if you accidentally get dirt, please use a semi-dry towel to deal with it so as not to leave traces. Do not use warm water, hot water or bleach to clean stains on wool products. If you need to rub, please gently rub, so as not to damage the fiber quality.

Like industrial fiber felt bags, colored felt bags are also very popular. In fact, the color wool felt bag is mainly made of wool and fiber raw materials mixed according to the color. The earliest felt bags were all in the form of textiles. At that time, it was mainly non-woven fabrics. The felt bag made of wool is very soft and strong; the fiber has good elasticity, comfortable hand feeling and good reduction. Because the wool felt package can be returned to the original packaging immediately after the processed product is folded, the structure can be more compact after adding the fiber, and it can be integrated without special treatment, which is very convenient. At present, there are many kinds of felt bags on the market, and the quality is uneven. Therefore, we must pay great attention to the selection to ensure that we can buy a very good GRS felt bag.



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