GRS felt manufacturers tell you the cleaning of insulation bags


  GRS FeltThe manufacturer tells you that the non-woven insulation bag is light, waterproof and antibacterial, so how to clean it when it is dirty in daily use? Can it be cleaned in a conventional way, that is, in a general way. Each product has considerable advantages, so there will also be some disadvantages and drawbacks.

GRS felt manufacturers tell you what are the shortcomings of non-woven insulation bags?

1. Compared with woven fabrics, the strength and durability are poor.

2. Can not be washed like other fabrics.

3. The fibers are arranged in a certain direction, so it is easy to separate at right angles. Therefore, the improvement of the production method is mainly focused on the improvement of preventing segmentation.

So the insulation bag can be cleaned, but not many times. First of all, the non-woven fabric is waterproof and clean, but the insulation bag is generally not easy to clean. Because it is a brand-new material, the non-woven insulation bag has a large buoyancy and is not easy to clean, so it is difficult to sink to the end. If it is recycled material, non-woven insulation bag is easy to sink to the bottom, because the proportion of recycled material is very high. Due to the characteristics of non-woven fabrics, if the non-woven fabrics are washed multiple times to accelerate molecular decomposition, their tensile strength will be greatly reduced, making the non-woven fabrics unusable.

GRS felt manufacturers tell you that if the non-woven insulation bag is really dirty, we can clean the insulation bag and dry it in the sun immediately to prevent moisture from entering the molecules and accelerate molecular decomposition. Therefore, when using non-woven insulation bags, try to keep the non-woven insulation bags clean and avoid cleaning. This can improve the reuse rate of insulation bags and increase environmental protection. This is the GRS felt manufacturers to introduce the cleaning of insulation bags.



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