What are the requirements of automotive interior non-woven fabrics


In recent years, non-woven fabrics have been widely used in all walks of life. No matter in industry, commercial enterprises and residents' lives, there will be no lack of non-woven fabrics. Since they are widely used, non-woven fabrics for automobile interior decoration are no longer a rare thing. Non-woven fabrics have the functions of water absorption, heat preservation and flame retardant. Among household products, we use mop cloth, washing rags for kitchen and dishwashing rags, lining for children's seats, shoes and hats, etc. can all be processed using non-woven fabrics. Therefore, automotive interior non-woven fabrics are also popular in the industry.

The color of general automobile interior non-woven fabrics is often black non-woven fabrics, which has high requirements for the needling of non-woven fabrics. The needling should be dense and flat, and it should also have sound insulation effect, and it should be flame retardant. It looks smooth in appearance and feels very tight in touch. This means that non-woven fabric manufacturers should have very strict requirements for the production of non-woven fabrics, it is not only the strict technical requirements of the master but also the advanced requirements of mechanical equipment. Otherwise, the products produced are uneven. The non-woven fabrics for automobile interior decoration have high requirements in terms of technology and quality. The non-woven fabrics produced can well reflect the machinery and equipment of a non-woven fabric manufacturer, the technical proficiency of the master and the overall scale of the company.

What are the requirements of automotive interior non-woven fabrics

1. Wear resistance

Wear resistance is a very important requirement for car seat fabrics and steering wheel fabrics. The use time of non-woven fabrics for car interiors is at least 2 years or even longer. Therefore, car seat fabrics need to have high wear resistance., So that it will not pilling during use to ensure the beauty of the seat.

2. Flame retardant performance

Automotive interior non-woven fabrics must have good flame retardancy, and once a fire hazard occurs, it can give passengers enough time to escape, or reduce the occurrence of fire hazards.

3. Light resistance and UV resistance

In order to meet the requirements of lighting and lightweight in modern cars, window glass begins to occupy a large area, causing the interior space of the car to be directly exposed to sunlight. Under some very bad weather conditions, the temperature inside the car can reach 130 ℃. As the sun falls, the temperature inside the car drops. Such a large difference between cold and heat may affect the fading and degradation of the fabric, not only the service life of the material, it will also greatly affect the appearance, so the automotive interior non-woven fabrics are required to have better light resistance and UV resistance.




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