Automobile interior non-woven fabric how to distinguish


How to distinguish the car interior non-woven fabric, this is a professional problem, I believe that many insiders are more clear, but as consumers, in the purchase or more than a pair of eyes to view, in order to identify the car interior non-woven fabric, we need to know a few parameters to identify the quality of the product.

1. Check the turner of the car interior non-woven fabric

Non-woven fabrics look at a sewing process, so the craftsmanship of lathe workers is very important. In order to save costs, generally cheaper non-woven fabrics have only one line on the locomotive route. Lathe workers' craftsmanship is not good and their experience is not sophisticated. In this case, the product suture line is not straight or even runs the line.

2. Check the number of grams of non-woven fabrics

Here, the gram of the automotive interior nonwoven fabric refers to the weight of the nonwoven fabric within 1 square meter. The heavier the weight of the non-woven fabric within 1 square meter, the thicker and stronger the thickness of the non-woven fabric you use. For an ordinary enterprise, from an economic point of view, the use of 80 grams of non-woven fabric can be, so that it can be reused about 10 times, as for the use of automotive interior non-woven fabric may be thicker, after all, if the car built-in non-woven fabric may often suffer wear, too thin, the frequency of purchase is relatively high, the loss outweighs the gain.

3. Review the process of automotive interior non-woven fabrics

A high-quality non-woven fabric is not only strong and durable in quality, but also in the process. Most of the non-woven bags on the market are printed by silk screen. The non-woven fabric printed by silk screen has high cost performance and clear lines. It uses pigments that meet the index standards and will not cause pollution or pungent smell.

Let's talk about the specific method of identifying non-woven fabrics for automobile interior decoration.

Method 1: Use water for testing

Put the purchased non-woven fabric in the water and press it at the bottom of the water. If it is qualified, then this type of non-woven fabric will surface. If it is a toxic non-woven fabric, it will sink.

Method two: the use of fire detection method

A good polyethylene non-environmental protection bag is flammable, the flame is blue, and the upper end is yellow. When burning, it drips like candle tears, with paraffin smell and less smoke.

Method three: jitter detection method

Use your hand to grasp the non-woven fabric, shake one end forcefully, and make a crisp sound. The description is of good quality.

The above is to identify the specific methods of automotive interior non-woven fabrics, I hope to help




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