Automotive interior non-woven fabric manufacturers introduce the distinction between hard and soft materials for non-woven bags


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There are many kinds of fabrics for non-woven bags, including new materials, common materials, peritoneal materials, etc. But from the feel, it is actually the difference between hard materials and soft materials, today'sAutomotive interior non-woven fabricThe manufacturer will introduce you to the distinction between hard material and soft material of non-woven fabric bags. Let's learn about it together!


Non-woven bags, the market is more rigid materials, in fact, the fabric to be soft or hard, is in the production process by controlling the temperature to achieve. Materials produced at high temperatures are softer and vice versa.

The soft fabric is close to knitting, the fabric has good toughness, high tensile strength, and is not easy to tear, but the fabric will be thinner when it is soft. After the same weight of the hard fabric feels much thicker than the fabric, many non-woven manufacturers use this method to cut corners. Since the non-woven fabric is also produced by plastic particles, if it is too hard, the tension is obviously not good, and it is easy to break.

Therefore, when customers customize non-woven bags, they must first position their own needs. If you value feel and appearance, you should make hard fabrics. If you pay more attention to the load-bearing capacity and tension of non-woven bags, you will generally choose soft materials, which will make them stronger.

In general, non-woven bags regardless of whether the material is hard or soft, they have their own characteristics, from the practical application point of view, the two are not good or bad, can only say that more suitable for what kind of application.

The above isAutomotive interior non-woven fabricThe manufacturer introduces the distinction between hard and soft materials of non-woven bags. I hope you can have a further understanding of the hard and soft materials of non-woven bags after you have seen them.

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