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fleeceIt is a common kind of fabric that has a good thermal effect after being brushed, because the fleece will produce more fluff after being stretched, so according to the size and density of the flannel, the fleece can be divided into fleece, velvet and corduroy. Below andGRS non-woven fabricManufacturers to learn more about it!


Velvet is a relatively short and relatively flat flannel, which is formed after cutting pile finishing of pile tissue. Therefore, the velvet surface is very flat and towering, full of luster. Flat fluff is flat and thick, soft and durable, and has good warmth retention. However, in the usual washing, velveteen can not be washed hard, which will affect its flatness.

After napping, the surface of flannel is rich and soft, and it is divided into single-sided fabric and double-sided velvet fabric. The single-sided cashmere tissue is mainly twill, and the double-sided velvet is mainly plain. The flannelette is soft, comfortable to wear, good warmth retention, suitable for winter pajamas. Printed flannel, yarn-dyed plaid flannel, suitable for women and children's spring and autumn coats. The flannel pattern printed with animals, flowers and patterns is also called Beibei velvet, suitable for children to wear.

The fluff of corduroy is like a wick, long and uniform, and is especially suitable for pajamas. In addition, corduroy is mainly made of cotton, which is elastic and has good heat preservation performance. The application is also very extensive in many fleece, not only can make clothes and hats, but also can make decorations.

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