GRS non-woven fabric manufacturers introduced non-woven shopping bags should be how to clean it?


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At present, the shopping bags available on the market are mainly divided into non-woven shopping bags, plastic shopping bags, cotton and linen shopping bags, paper shopping bags. According to the relevant standards, plastic shopping bags are divided into the following three types, andGRS non-woven fabricLet's take a look at the manufacturers!

1Ordinary plastic shopping bags are made of polyolefin and filler. Such plastic shopping bags do not have degradation performance and cannot be degraded when discarded in the wild. These plastic shopping bags are recyclable and can be recycled many times. The performance of recycled materials is slightly reduced to varying degrees, but it can be used to produce shopping bags or garbage bags with low performance requirements and not strict color requirements.


2Starch-based plastic shopping bags are based on modified starch as the main raw material, and a small amount of other degradable materials are appropriately added to improve their performance. This kind of shopping bag can be naturally degraded after being discarded in the wild.

3Degradable plastic shopping bags can be completely degraded plastic as raw material production. Discarded in the field can be degraded into small molecules of microorganisms, do not pollute the environment.

In addition to the several described above, there is also a non-woven shopping bag, so how should it be cleaned?

1As an environmentally friendly material, non-woven fabric has the characteristics of breathability, flexibility, water repellency, non-combustion, and non-irritating. It can be cleaned with water after it is dirty, but it should be dried quickly after washing.

2In the process of drying, the temperature should be as low as possible, because this material is easily decomposed by water if it is immersed in water for a long time. The repeated use of non-woven environmental shopping bags reduces the pressure of garbage conversion to a certain extent.

3When cleaning, do not use a brush, because it will make the bag fluffing. Therefore, it is recommended to wash gently by hand. However, it is important to note that do not use other cleaning agents, so as not to have a corrosive effect on non-woven shopping bags.

The above isGRS non-woven fabricManufacturerIntroduce the whole content of how the non-woven shopping bag should be cleaned, I hope you can help you after seeing it.


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