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As a new material, non-woven material has many advantages, such as dimensional stability, high strength, high air permeability and so on. Compared with traditional products, non-woven fabric has better stability, can be freely laid and cut, easy to peel, easy to redecorate. So, at home in how to distinguish between non-woven paper and non-woven fabric?GRS non-woven fabricThe manufacturer simply introduces it to you.


Home furnishing refers to home decoration, furniture configuration, electrical appliances and a series of related to the room even including geographical location belong to the home category. The whole home is in accordance with the requirements of the introduction of scientific, advanced decoration concepts and methods. It uses the whole concept to examine the coordination of every aspect of decoration.

Non-woven paper is a fabric formed without weaving. It is formed by directional or random arrangement of textile staple fibers or filaments to form a network structure, and then reinforced by mechanical, thermal bonding or chemical methods. Non-woven wallpaper is a high-strength new product. When the glue is not dry, it can be moved many times without damaging the wallpaper and affecting the decorative effect. When redecorating, it can be stripped as a whole without damaging the wall surface.

Non-woven fabrics are also called non-woven fabrics, that is to say, compared with woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics are a kind of cloth without warp and weft. Its price is relatively cheap, most non-woven fabrics are made of chemical fibers or polyethylene particles, most of the fibers are relatively long, papermaking generally uses plant fibers, but also shorter, generally less than three millimeters.

The above isGRS non-woven fabricThe manufacturer gives you a brief introduction of how to distinguish all the contents of non-woven paper and non-woven fabric. I hope you can help you after reading it. If you still have something unclear or want to know, please come to consult us.


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