GRS non-woven fabric manufacturers introduce why non-woven fabrics produced under the same conditions are uneven in thickness?


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Under the same processing conditions, what is the reason for the uneven thickness of the non-woven fabric produced?GRS non-woven fabricManufacturers know about it!

1Low melting point fibers and conventional fibers are not evenly mixed: different fibers have different cohesive forces. Generally speaking, the cohesive force of low melting point fibers is larger than that of conventional fibers, and it is not easy to disperse. If the low melting point fibers are not evenly dispersed, the low melting point The fiber content is small, because it cannot form a sufficient network structure, the non-woven fabric is thin, and the fiber content with lower melting point forms a thicker phenomenon.

2Low melting point fiber melting is not complete: low melting point fiber melting is not complete, mainly because the temperature is not enough, for the low basis weight of non-woven fabric, generally not easy to produce different temperature is not enough, but for high basis weight, high thickness of the product needs attention. Because the non-woven fabric located at the edge is usually thicker because of sufficient heat, the non-woven fabric located at the middle part is more likely to be insufficient because of these heat and thus a thinner non-woven fabric is formed.


3High fiber shrinkage: Whether it is a conventional fiber or a low melting point fiber, if the hot air shrinkage of the fiber is high, in the non-woven fabric production process, due to shrinkage problems, it is easy to cause uneven thickness.

The above isGRS non-woven fabricThe manufacturer simply introduces you to all the contents of the non-woven fabric produced under the same conditions. If you still have some unclear points, please come to consult us.

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