Water-based imitation microfiber manufacturers tell you the reason for the uneven thickness of non-woven fabrics


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Under the same processing conditions, the uneven thickness of the non-woven fabric may be caused by the following points.water-based imitation microfiberLet's get to know the manufacturers.

1. low melting point fibers and conventional fibers are not uniformly blended with cotton: different fibers have different cohesive forces. Compared with conventional fibers, low melting point fibers have greater cohesive force and are not easy to disperse. If low melting point fibers are unevenly dispersed, the part with less technical content of low melting point fibers will form a phenomenon because a sufficient network structure cannot be formed and non-woven fabrics are thinner.

Incomplete melting of 2. low-melting fibers: The incomplete melting of low-melting fibers is mainly due to insufficient temperature. For non-woven fabrics with low bottom weight, the problem of insufficient temperature is usually not easy to occur, but for high basis weight and high thickness products, special attention needs to be paid to whether it is sufficient. The nonwovens located at the edges are generally thicker because of sufficient heat, while the nonwovens located at the middle portion are easier to form thinner nonwovens due to lower heat.

The shrinkage rate of 3. fiber is high: for conventional fiber materials and low melting point fibers, if the hot air shrinkage rate of the fiber is high, the problem of uneven thickness is easily caused by shrinkage during the production of non-woven fabrics.


The problem of static electricity during the production of non-woven fabrics is mainly due to the low moisture content in the air when the fiber is in contact with the card cloth, mainly due to the following points:

1. the weather is too dry and the humidity is not enough.

2. when there is no oil on the fiber, there is no antistatic agent on the fiber. Since the moisture regain of polyester cotton is 0.3%, the absence of the antistatic agent results in the generation of static electricity during production.

3. fiber oil is low, the relative content of electrostatic agent will also produce static electricity.

4. methods to prevent the generation of static electricity in addition to the production of the work room humidification, cotton feeding stage can effectively eliminate the oil-free cotton is also a very important work.

The above iswater-based imitation microfiberThe manufacturer tells you the reason for the uneven thickness of the non-woven fabric, hoping to help you.

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