On the Agricultural Application of Non-woven Fabrics by Fleece Non-woven Fabrics Manufacturers


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pile non-woven fabricIt is more common in life, such as carpets in cars, car top tarpaulins, because the main raw material of the pile non-woven fabric is non-woven fabric, its environmental protection is better, and then the pile non-woven fabric manufacturers simply share its agricultural applications.

1Transplanting and artificial planting of garden plants and trees. Before large urban trees and small seedlings are planted, non-woven fabrics can be laid in the tree pit for planting, and then different nutrient soils can be laid. In this way, the survival rate of trees in garden landscape is high, and water and fertilizer retention are high.

22. Winter greenhouse and open field seedling are covered with floating surface. It can prevent the wind from blowing and increase the temperature. One side of the seedbed is compacted with non-woven fabric, the other side is compacted with brick soil, or a small arch shed can be made of bamboo or thick iron wire, the non-woven fabric is covered on it, and the surrounding is compacted with bricks or soil for insulation. Cover vegetables and flowers, need more sunshine, do it in the morning and cover it at night. The floating surface cover can increase the temperature of 10cm from the surface by about 2°C, and the ground temperature by 1-2°C.


3, used for ceiling. Non-woven fabrics are used as ceilings in greenhouses and greenhouses, and the distance between the ceiling and the plastic shed film is 15-20cm; The formation of a thermal insulation layer can raise the temperature in the shed by 3-5 ℃, open during the day and closed at night. The interval must be closed tightly to be effective.

43. Cover outside the small arch shed instead of straw curtain for heat preservation, which saves 20% of the cost compared with straw curtain and greatly prolongs the service life. You can also cover the shed with a layer of non-woven fabric and plastic film, which can increase the temperature by 5-8 ℃.

5, used for shading. The non-woven fabric is directly covered on the seedbed, covered in the morning and uncovered in the evening, which can effectively improve the whole seedling and the whole seedling. Vegetables, flower seedlings, seedlings, summer can be directly covered on the seedlings.

6Before the cold wave, the tea, flowers and other crops that are vulnerable to freezing injury are directly covered with non-woven fabrics, which can effectively reduce the loss of freezing injury.

The above ispile non-woven fabricThe manufacturer talks about the agricultural application of non-woven fabrics, hoping to help you.

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