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The fluff non-woven fabric has a better feel, greater elasticity, and is relatively flat. The main material of the pile non-woven fabric is non-woven fabric, which is widely used. Below letpile non-woven fabricThe manufacturer simply introduces the application industry of non-woven fabrics to you.


Geosynthetics is a kind of high-tech, high value-added industrial textile materials, which is widely used. Nonwoven geotextiles mainly include: spunbonded geotextiles, staple fiber needle-punched geotextiles, composite geotextiles, geonets and grids, hot melt bonded geotextiles, etc. Geotextiles have the functions of reinforcement, isolation, filtration, drainage and seepage control in civil engineering buildings.

2Non-woven filter material

Nonwoven filter with its unique three-dimensional mesh structure, evenly distributed pores, good filtration performance, low cost and other advantages are gradually replacing the traditional textile filter, becoming the leading product of filter media, and the development speed is fast.

3Non-woven fabrics for medical and health

Non-woven fabric for medical and health care is a product with potential for development, and it also has many advantages. It is a new product of fusion and cross formation.


4Agricultural nonwovens

Agricultural nonwovens have the characteristics of long life, good effect and low investment. Promoting the use of agricultural nonwovens is conducive to promoting agricultural modernization. Agricultural uses are mainly for masking, insulation, heat preservation, seedling, sowing, covering the wind barrier, fruit protection, pest control and so on.

5Non-woven fabrics for clothing

Non-woven fabrics for clothing have the characteristics of light weight, softness, low cost, large variation in thickness, strong adaptability, non-directional arrangement of fibers, and large flexibility, and are easy to match with various fabrics.

6Home decoration, daily necessities and packaging materials

Mainly refers to the lining cloth of sofa and bed, curtain and curtain, tablecloth, household appliance cover cloth, suit cover, car interior, car computer protective cover, packaging cloth, etc.

The above ispile non-woven fabricThe manufacturer gives you a brief introduction to the application industry of non-woven fabrics, hoping to help you.

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